Blue merle & tricolour puppies
expected week 51.

sire: Juniperhil's Master Of The Frozen Rose "Sulo" A/A 0/0 cea-free

dam: Juniperill's Queen Of The Higway "Hertta" B/B 0/0 crd

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Rough collie puppies planned
to Luna 2022

Leaftribe Mystic Melody "Luna"

Hips: C/B


Eyes: Cea-free

Luna is mother of Juniperhill's Music-litter.

3/5 has got their hip and elbow results:

2x A/A 1xB/B and 3 x 0/0

Border collie puppies planned
spring 2022!

C.I.E FI&EE CH HeJW-16 JV-16

Amazeme Icy Chilly Champagne "Särmä"

Hips: A/A Elbows: 0/0 Eyes: healty

Back: LTV1 VA0

Shoulders: OCD-free

Särmä compites agility in 3rd class.