Hope-litter born 18th March 2020

Herohills Cool Blue - Keyline Oh Lala

PAIM-T Juniperhill's Hope Is My Superpower "Rossi"



Eyes: Healty

Shows: 1st EXC

Juniperhill's In Hope We Trust "Edi"

cea-free as a puppy

Juniperhill's Hope That Never Ends "Viima"



Eyes: healty as an adult (2023)

Shows: open EXC3

Juniperhill's I Hope You Have Fun "Friida"

cea-free as a puppy

RTK 1 Juniperhill's Keep On Hoping "Macy"

cea-free as a puppy

Shows: 1st EXC CQ

Rally-obedience: RTK1,

2x approved results from open class

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